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1 Pump Court is committed to removing inequality and providing a first class service to all, particularly the publicly funded client and those to whom funding is not available.

Chambers undertakes work nationwide and on all levels, from Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, County Courts, Inquests and Tribunals, to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, European Courts and Privy Council.

Judicial Review is an important and expanding area of work within Chambers, particularly in respect of housing, crime, immigration and social welfare (including children).

Members of Chambers chair tribunals and lecture and conduct training courses in their specialist areas. They also contribute to legal journals and other publications. Chambers works closely with Law Centres and other agencies who are addressing unmet legal needs.


BREAKING NEWS. 1 Pump Court is delighted to announce that Parosha Chandran has been honoured by John Kerry, US Secretary of State today, 27 July 2015 with a Trafficking in Persons Hero Award 2015.

Breaking News: TIP Hero Award 2015

On Monday 27 July 2015 at a ceremony at the State Department in Washington DC, Parosha Chandran was presented with the Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award  2015 by John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

In naming Parosha Chandran as “one of the world’s leading practitioners” in the field of human trafficking and modern slavery, she was described by Mr Kerry as being an:

“…extraordinarily dedicated human rights barrister…[who has shaped] the development of national and international law and policy on human trafficking in the United Kingdom and abroad.  With a rare multi-disciplinary perspective, she has set critical legal precedents to protect the rights of trafficking victims.”

In particular Parosha was honoured with the Trafficking in Persons Hero award by the US Department of State for:

“…her tireless efforts to develop and advance national and international law and policy on human trafficking in the United Kingdom and abroad, her unwavering commitment to protecting victims, and her unparalleled achievement in providing legal services to survivors of modern slavery


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